Monday, April 21, 2014

The Art and Craft of Intelligent Seduction

Sometimes it's fun to write blurbs for books that you wish existed.

The Art and Craft of Intelligent Seduction

Ronette has had a crush on her close gay male friend, Arn, ever since she was younger than she can even remember. Or, as she realizes, there is something about him that she needs, that is happy in his presence. However, lately she finds herself wanting to make love to him as a gay man would. She asks herself if she would like to become a gay man. Part of her says that she would. Part says that she would not. The compromise she can live with is that she dresses like a gay man and disguises herself as one.

She reads some books by gay men and watches some gay porn. They accord with what she feels Arn would like.

She starts to frequent the places he shops, hoping that he won't see her enough to recognize her. Finally, one autumn night, she picks him up. Her name is Ron, of course.

When she and Arn get inside his apartment, she bites his lip very hard as she kisses him. Then she unveils a whip and orders Arn to strip and get down on his knees. She flicks the whip across his back, but not very hard. Then she kneels and bites the places she whipped, then kisses them, then bites them, then whips them again. She then dresses and leaves.

She picks him up again in the same place. A repetition ensues, with a few slightly different moves on her part. As before, she dresses, then leaves. Does not say anything about another meeting.

The third time she picks him up, she pushes Arn down on the ground, invades him with a vibrator and scratches her name across his back (Ron,that is).

Then she leaves. She does not return to the store.

The next week Arn calls her and tells her about the man who broke his heart.  "I understand," she tells him. "I guess that's how you've broken hearts up to now."

"I guess it is," he agrees. Then, of a sudden, he says, "Would you like me to break yours?"

"Yes," she whispers.

Read the book to find out what happens :)

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