Friday, April 25, 2014

Flying While Fat

Another book that needs to be written:  Flying While Fat

Chrissea Abarvem decides to fly around the world. She is a proud, feisty, spunky fat woman with a few tattoos and an attitude. She wants to experience the excitement of flying to places about which she has only read and dreamed.  She has previously read that certain countries don't appreciate fat people, but while she does take this into account while planning her schedule and itinerary, she also eschews easy classifications and categorizations in favor of seeing what she wants to see and being where she wants to be.

First stop:  Greenland. She finds it dark at times, icy in most places and absolutely compelling as she visits two areas and stands by different seas/bodies of water. She finds that most Greenlanders don't seem to care that much about body size. She eats some dynamite seafood. She hears someone whispering outside her door at 4 am, figures they are drunk and goes back to sleep.

Second stop:  Scotland. Chrissea visits Aberdeen in honor of Byron, who adored fat women, especially strong ones. She goes to a pub, joins in singing, gets asked to perform a striptease by a drunk man with a kilt. Scots wa hae!

There are twenty six stops on the tour, some in familiar places, some way off the beaten path. The common denominator: Chrissea is up for anything and everything!

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