Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sour Cream: The Book

Another book that really should be written....

Sour Cream

Discusses the invention of sour cream (many Eastern Europeans use it, and they may have "invented" it. It seems to have traveled to the USA with Russian Jews (like my great grandparents). Eventually spread over Europe in many variants (creme fraiche in France, yogurt in many places, kefir in Turkey and the Balkans, different cheeses in Italy and Yugoslavia).

Mentions many uses for sour cream (food and a few other interesting things..)

And then, provides recipes for many many dishes.Standouts:  sour cream over ice cream.  Sour cream apple cake. Chocolate sour cream frosting.  Radishes and cucumbers with sour cream. Sour cream onion dip. Sour cream chipotle dip. Tiramisu with mascarpone sour cream filling.

Anything that contains ice cream or whipped cream in any form may also be eaten with sour cream. (If this were a class, I would make this a question and would add, "Discuss." )

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