Thursday, April 3, 2014

Half A Wish

Here is another blurb for an imaginary book. One day soon I will get back to real books.

Half A Wish is a book whose female protagonist Fara is born with three nipples. At first her parents are advised to seek out surgery for her "condition," but along the way she becomes fond of her third nipple. Some boys in high school try to rip off her top to view it, so in response, she takes an instagram photo of it -and only it- and posts it, saying that her third nipple is more intelligent than they are.

Since it is the last month of her last year of high school, she doesn't care much how they respond. But one psycho  near the state university she attends is intent on "outing" her. In response, she forms a club called "The Third Nipple," after which he tries to find her. But in solidarity, all the members of her club and all her dorm mates paste third nipples onto their skin.

He is temporarily worsted, but comes back with a new threat which Fara must surmount by herself, with all the courage she can muster.

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