Saturday, April 19, 2014

Blurb for Fat Poets Speak (1): Voices of the Fat Poets' Society (in a strangely biblical register)

Fat Poets Speak (1):  Voices of the Fat Poets' Society

So it came about that in 2006, in a suburb of Boston, NAAFA did meet at its annual Convention. And many NAAFAns attended, and it was good. And they gathered further for the purpose of writing poetry about themselves, about fat people, about fat women, but poetry that was not of hatred for themselves, but of appreciation and celebration.

And it came to pass that after the completion of the workshop, Mary Ray of Worley saw fit to have those who had attended sign a sheet which would list their names and emails. Verily, it did occur that most of the poets present signed, and it fell out that they did start writing and used the group name assigned to them by Mary Ray of Worley. And they wrote many poems of many kinds. They did gather to themselves a number of them to write and comment and change and work further on them.

And thus it came about that the book Fat Poets Speak: Voices of the Fat Poets' Society was born, and that the doughty and wise Peggy of Elam saw fit, after much work and thought on her part and on the part of the writers and editor, one Frannie of Zellman, to publish this fair book and take it to those of the people who would read and appreciate poems by fat poets.

And some among them vowed among themselves that one day there would come a second volume, as well.

(I don't know what got into me here...maybe a lot of holidays?  Passover, Easter, Patriots' Day, Earth Day, 4/20..)

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