Sunday, April 6, 2014

Blurb for The Bible

Great books deserve to be blurbed, too!

  1. The Bible

    A powerful and sometimes angry God. Two people alone together in the middle of a a vast wilderness. A mysterious tree. A recipe for love and danger..

    Adam lived with Eve before he lusted for her. Eve had words with a snake. They looked at each other naked. Things were never the same afterward.

    "I cried." Donner Blitzen

    'I laughed." Blitzen Donner

    "I like McIntosh." Alvie Summor

    "I liked the fig leaf. Sounds quite fashionable." Lorella Vodo

    "Great read. Can't wait for the next books to come out." Eunice Goodshoes

    "I want the T shirt." Willy Williams
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